Wondering what services we offer here at E3 Strength?  Well, look no further…

Unlimited Bootcamp

Recovery Sessions



Not seeing any personal training options? Personal training options are not available for purchase online. Personal training services are custom to the individual.  Prices are dictated by duration, frequency, and service type. Because of this, we ask each participant to try out a workout first so that we can see if you and we are a good fit.  In the initial session you and your trainer can develop a game plan to achieve you results. And, we always make sure that any program you consider for purchase is within their budget.


Bootcamp at E3 is comparable to personal training.  Though the price is more affordable you will have to be more accountable about your attendance Unlike personal training, which reserves a time, and cost the price per session if a session is missed, Bootcamp does not reserve a time (unlimited – attend as much or as little as you want), nor do you pay your price per session when missing a session. There are a cancellation policies in affect, but this does not necessarily prevent less accountable individuals from dropping off in attendance and achieve less results. If this sounds anything like you, then we strongly recommend looking into personal training instead of Bootcamp.


No matter your choice, the ultimate goals of any program are results and budget. We can’t get results for you if our services are outside of your budget. Every program is developed to give the individual maximum benefit at the least cost to the consumer. This ensures that both the trainer and the client can focus on achieving results and not on the price per session. Because, if we’re not getting results, then we expect participants to cancel. Just give 30 days notice and we part ways. No contracts, just results.