Our Mission is Results! We operate to establish your purpose and drive your performance!

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Our strategy for fitness is simple: get loose, get strong, burn fat, and have a great day. We start each workout with joint mobility, followed by strength training to burn up your carbohydrate stores (what you’ve eaten that day), then proceed to blast away unwanted body fat with high intensity interval training. This fun, family environment is a great place to get in shape and make a few friends along the way. Check us out at:




Personal Training

For those inexperienced, inefficiently motivated, or ill-committed clients, 1 on 1 sessions may be the option for you.  Personal training can eliminate any overwhelming or confused feelings that working out or gyms may cause.  The dynamic variations and personal education allow the individual to conceptualize and translate what they see or hear in to movement that will get them results.  The biggest obstacle a trainer assists clients in overcoming is getting in to the gym.  Once you’ve paid for it and you have an appointment, the likelihood of you not making it to the gym to get in your workout are severely diminished.  Click here to contact us and see if 1 on 1 training is a fit for you.

Making a change can be difficult.  Without the proper resources, planning, and support, the likelihood of maintaining these modifications, whether physical or mental, diminish drastically.  Life is serious, “You won’t make it out alive!”.  We are serious about getting you the results you need.  Perfection is not attainable, but with our help you can reach heights you have yet to visualize. Our gym’s mission is your mission.

Program Design

We offer self paced weight training and cardiovascular programs tailored to each specific client’s athletic ability, fitness level, and fitness familiarity.  We begin with dialog to assess client’s needs and develop our programs around the client’s schedule, injuries, and specific goals.  Here are a couple sample programs used by some of our clients:

3x/wk Novice

5x/wk with Cardio

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