The Other 23 Podcast

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The 23 hours outside the gym each day make or break your workouts. The Other 23 podcast is about sharing the tips, tricks and tactics that allow our guests to perform at very high levels. Each episode we interview leaders, legends and laypeople who are taking their game to the next level, so you can do it too!

The Other 23 Podcast

Keeping your fitness on track is hard. Its even harder when everything around you is changing and falling apart. In our 6th episode of TO23 Podcast, Coach Earl explains the simple changes you can make to get your diet, fitness and health back on track. It is easier than you think, but you can’t wait. You have to start now.

In our 5th episode of The Other 23 podcast, Coach Earl explains the one missing component to your fitness routine that can 2x or 3x your results. Are you not getting the results you expected? If you are not achieving results, or enough results, then this video is for you. Listen up and find your missing link to results in and out of the gym.

In our 4th episode of The Other 23 podcast, Coach Earl is talking to fitness success story, Mayank Sinha. Mayank inspires others with his fitness journey as he continues to transform his life. He has a unique ability to inspire others, including Coach Earl and the team at E3 Strength. Mayank and his wife are on the journey together and work to inspire others with their real diet and lifestyle.

In our third episode of The Other 23 podcast, Coach Earl is talking to fitness enthusiast and entrepreneurial success story, Drew Spuller. Drew is the owner of the Whiskey Pines, a lifestyle and apparel brand. Drew also hosts the Whiskey Pines Podcast and co-hosts the Cheat Meal Pod. Aside from joining Earl for a cheat meal at Grease Burger, Drew joins us to discuss his fitness struggles and successes.

You can do it. Stop doubting yourself! In our second installment of TO23 podcast, Coach Brianna Davenport talks about her rapid and abundant success in the fitness space. Brianna holds multiple certifications. She specializes in golf with TPI and NASM and has branched into multiple fitness disciplines for herself and her clients

In this inaugural episode of The Other 23, Coach Earl is talking with fitness success story, Joe Ciciless.  Joe has made quite the name for himself in the fitness industry. He is a triathlete and an outstanding personal fitness coach. Fresh off a podium finish in his most recent triathlon, Joe tells us about what it takes to be a high-performance athlete and coach all at the same time.