Swole History

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E3 Strength is the premier personal fitness facility. Most of all we love motivating, inspiring and helping others to get results in the gym. We are people just like you, who nerd-out on all aspects of health and fitness.

The videos below range from how-to all the way to the origin and history of certain lifts and everything in between.


Swole History

The origin and history of the bench press…

The Bench Press–It’s the reason all the benches are taken every Monday at the gym. But, more than that, the bench press is over 100 years old, finding it’s origins in Eastern Europe as a functional exercise for strongmen and wrestlers. One of the most popular exercises in the gym, join Earl Ehret as he walks us through the bench press’ 100 year history.


The origin and history of the Farmer’s Carry…

The Farmer’s Walk–The best exercise around that both strongmen and functional fitness nerds like the team at E3 Strength can agree on. Finding its origins in Christchurch New Zealand in 1983, the Fergus Walk has more than doubled in weight in WSM (World’s Strongest Man) competitions. This iconic full body exercise can be found now in almost any gym, join Earl Ehret as he walks us through the farmer’s walk 37 year history.