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Step 1 in making the change you see in yourself:

  1. 100% mental
  2. The first and hardest step
  3. The most beneficial change
  4. Necessary for any physical development


We are all meant for greatness!

Greatness  however, can seem overwhelming. It is our objective to tear down these walls and to make the impossible attainable.  It begins with an idea.   Together, we can cultivate this thought into prominence beyond your realization.

Human beings are set apart from every other organism on earth.  We are blessed with the autonomy of free will.  Unfortunately, with the greatest of gifts, we are the only organisms on earth to under achieve.  Will a tree grow to less than its maximum capacity?  Why do we constantly choose not to reach our full potential?  I’m too tired,  it’s too hard, money, time…ect.  These are merely excuses.

The first step to achieving your goal, begins with changing your mind set.  YOU CAN DO IT!  To do this we must overcome the negative self-talk that lowers self esteem and talks you out of all of your great ideas.  We must establish YOU and realize your purpose.

The Change Outside Starts Inside

Its been said time and again that the mind is a garden.  Remember, the weeds of negativity are ever present, and in need of removal.  Weeds can grow through concrete, they need no outside nourishment, but are in need removal, otherwise they overcome and eliminate the flowers in your garden.  To cultivate flowers of positivity, varying amounts of sunlight, water, or fertilizer are needed for success.  Bottom line, positivity requires work, and sometimes the assistance of friends.

Don’t let Injury Hold You Back

Establish your purpose.  Support though positivity.  And see through to your goals.The article below explores the top 5 most common injuries that may contribute to hesitation of starting or continuing a workout program, along with preventative strategies to help with goal attainment. The trainers at E3 Strength are educated on the necessary techniques and modifications to best serve every client’s needs regardless of their limitations.

5 Common Injuries and Preventative Strategies

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Embarking on a new fitness journey is hard, therefore having a reliable support system is as essential as having the right trainer. The following article discusses five ways how your spouse could be unknowingly sabotaging your fitness goals and how to overcome and gain spousal support.

Spousal Sabotage

Alcohol and Fitness:  Myth vs. Truth

The plethora of misleading information regarding the relationship of alcohol and fat loss have been circulating the internet over the years. The article below highlights various myths and misconception about alcohol consumption as it relates to fat loss along with a list lower calories drink options that won’t have you straying too far from your fitness goals!

Alcohol and Fitness

Start Em’ Young

Promoting physical activity in children at an early age is extremely important to help them develop the habits and skills needed to remain active throughout their entire lives.

Summer Activities

Traveling and Fitness:  No Excuses

Being on the road traveling can be difficult when it comes to your health and fitness. We all know what happens, we meet up with friends or family, forget our workout regimen, and continue to eat garbage while telling ourselves “It’s okay” because we will get back on the health wagon when we return home. It’s the same ole song and dance that a lot of people battle, especially during summer break and the holidays.

Live Your Best Life: A guide to traveling and enjoying your health and fitness on the go

Working out at Home or on the Road

Some people have this stigma that you have to workout in a gym, and sweat like crazy, in order to have an efficient workout. While there is nothing wrong with this option, and it’s highly encouraged, there is still a multitude of ways to get your body moving and stay active.

Health and Fitness at Home or on the Road

Take Care of Your Body

What we about to say is very important!! YOU NEED TO START FOAM ROLLING! Foam rolling, also known as MYOFASCIAL RELEASE, is designed to “roll” out the knots in your muscles. It’s a very simple task, with MANY REWARDS and here they are.

You Should Foam Roll, but Why?

Lose the Weight

YOU CAN LOSE THE WEIGHT, BUT YOU HAVE TO DO IT THE RIGHT WAY! Many of us want that quick fix, such as a few of the fads listed below, but with a healthy diet and good workout regimen, you can achieve your weight loss goals in a healthy manner.

Weight Loss Myths

How Boot Camp Changed my Fitness

To be honest, the word boot camp seemed intimidating.  Thankfully I was given the opportunity and motivation to step outside my comfort zone and I am very grateful for the past two months and want to give you my top reasons for you to go out and give Boot Camp a try.

How Boot Camp Changed my Fitness

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