Start today!  Let the fitness professionals at E3 develop a purposeful plan to get you results in the least amount of time possible!

Purpose creates meaning, offers a sense of direction and helps guide our paths, behavior and our goals when applied to our lives. Every workout should have a purpose. We all want results and we don’t want to have to work for hours on end to make it happen.  Many fitness routines take 1.5-2 hours with warmup, cardio, and cool down.  What if the coaches at E3 could condense that time to 30-60 minutes with even better results?  We do just that, with no contracts.  Each workout starts with a brief warmup and muscle activation, followed by strength training, to add lean muscle, thus speeding up your metabolism.  After strength training, your body is more apt to metabolize body fat, so the coaches finish with lower weight metabolic round that will increase endurance and burn body fat.  All of which can be done in a 30, 45, or 60 minute format.

Come in and try a workout and see whether personal training or bootcamp is the best fit for you


Try a workout with us!

This is the first step to the new you. No matter your goal, the dedicated team here at E3 will help you ever step along the way. So, lets start with step one: your first workout. Provide us with a little info and we will get you in and moving toward the new you.

    Physical activity should not be hazardous for most people. This checklist has been designed to identify those individuals who should seek medical attention prior to beginning a physical fitness program.