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The 3rd and easiest of the steps you will take:

  1. The foundation has been laid
  2. The time is now
  3. Follow along and greatness is yours

Once your purpose has been established and you are not only driven, but have the support  necessary to drive you, performance is a breeze.   Whether it is nutritional guidance, program design, or good old-fashioned personal training,  performance in any or all of these areas  is not only efficient, but attainable.

So many times, we look at  goals,  ideas, and new challenges that inspire us,  yet if  we proceed and do not talk ourselves out of chasing these, we cannot sustain them. That is why performance always seems so difficult. We have not laid the groundwork to achieve greatness. Once you establish your purpose and you are driven,  nothing can stand in your way!

Some say diet is 90% of the work.  Some say 70%. No matter the amount, when losing or maintaining, diet will be the key.

Low Back Health (stretches)

Beneath are a few sample diets and recipe guides:

175lb Male Maintenance

145lb Female Weight Loss

230lb Male Weight Loss (timed for AM and PM workouts)

6 Secrets Recipe Guide

Starbuck Best and Worst


To accelerate weight loss, speed up natural metabolism, and provide the aesthetic changes you envision, weight training is a must.  Everyone needs a personal trainer, but not all of us can allot such a luxury.  At this stage in your development you have the background, desire, and motivation to take supplemental workout programs, decipher the lingo and find success through trial and error.

Beneath are some sample programs:

Novice Male 3x per wk Program

Advanced 12wk Shoulder Intensive Workout

12 Week Size

Boys 3x/wk @ Home

Unassisted Stretch

High Intensity 2x/wk

Hiit Builder

Split Full-Body-2xwk

Advanced Male 3X/WK Sample

Advanced Female 3X/WK Sample

3x/wk Female Light/Body-Weight 2wk

Easy to Understand 5x/wk WITH PICS

30-40 Year Old 5x/wk 12 wk Program

#Workoutwednesday Programs

Every Wednesday we release a new at-home/gym workout for our clients and followers to use in supplement to their current routines.  Each workout is 6-8 exercises and should take 30-45 min to complete.  Click the link below to see each workout.

Click here to see all the workouts

Workout Wednesday 10:17


Hiit Builder:  A How-to for creating a high intensity time saving workout (<20min)

All of the exercises below can be preformed with a single plate, kettle bell, or dumbell

HIIT Builder

Periodic table:  Use these to supplement your split routine.