Nutrition Tips

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Nutrition tips help us to get results with diet and exercise. Though we want intensity from our workouts, the consistency in and of the gym matters most.

E3 Strength is the premier personal fitness facility. Most of all we love motivating, inspiring and helping others to get results in the gym. We are people just like you, who nerd-out on all aspects of health and fitness.  Check out our E3 video library!

The videos below range from how-to all the way to the origin and history of certain lifts along with everything in between.

Nutrition Tips

We all want to get results with diet and exercise, like weight loss, body fat reduction, or muscle building. Though we want intensity from our workouts, the consistency in and of the gym matters most. In today’s video, Coach Earl talks about what it takes to get into and have success with a diet and exercise routine. For more workouts, exercises or info like this, check out the links to all of the #workoutwednesday programs below. Enjoy!

Nutrition – Step 1: Give your self a break. Life will happen with or without you. Don’t let eating poorly on Wednesday make you restart on Monday!

Water is essential for your body to properly function, but too many of us are not drinking enough and that can seriously limit your results. According to coach Steph, without proper hydration, fat metabolism can be cut almost in half! Yikes!

Are you dieting, but having a hard time losing weight? How is your alcohol consumption? Don’t worry, we aren’t telling you to stop, but how and when you consume those adult beverages can help to accelerate your results. When your body is processing alcohol, it has a hard time processing anything else (like body fat). Too much can produce acetate. And, don’t forget alcohol’s link to dehydration. For more info, be sure to click the links below.

We all know calories, but that’s where most diets begin and end. In this video Coach Stephanie explains the difference between micro and macro nutrients, stating that the “nutrition” actually comes from our micro nutrients.