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The second step in your greatness:

  1.  You can only do so much
  2. We will elevate you the rest of the way
  3. This CAN be an easy step along your journey

MOTIVATION is from within, but it is not without.

Everyone will have bad days, but not everyone will experience that uplifting comment or life changing push that may be necessary to overcome life’s physical and emotional setbacks.   That is where E3  aims to change how the population approaches life’s challenges, particularly related to fitness.

Our goal is not only to drive you but to teach you to drive yourself.   These can be simple changes, like  consuming positive media such as television, videos, and music that uplift and inspire.

Life is Doing the Little Things Well

This format is much better than telling someone to eliminate certain aspects of their life that they enjoy that may not be good for them. These mental health habits translate into diet and exercise.   Let’s stop with the “don’t do this”,  because if you fill your life with enough of the right activities your goals began to fall in place!

Below you are exercise guides that will help DIRVE and diversify your workouts.


Hiit Builder:  A How-to for creating a high intensity time saving workout (<20min)

All of the exercises below can be preformed with a single plate, kettle bell, or dumbell

HIIT Builder

Periodic table:  Use these to supplement your split routine.