Disclosure of Terms

Last Month

Thank you for your business. It is a pleasure to assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Today’s payment reflects your LAST MONTH of training here at E3. Your first official payment will draft 30 days after initial paid workout and then on the 1st or 15th of the following month (closest date to 30 days from previous bill) and will be fulfilled on a recurring basis in the amount of $_$215_. Payment is due within 5 days of your invoice due date. Your payments are reflective of a four-week month. Any payments made after the predetermined, or above scheduled billing date are subject to a one session late charge for every 5 days delinquent. Delinquent payments must be fulfilled prior to the start of any paid or unpaid scheduled sessions.

Session Cancellation

Sessions are subject to a fee if cancellation occurs by 5pm or after, the day before any session**. For minor session rearrangements, such as date or time reschedule or adjustment, are to be performed in association with the session cancellation policy listed above.


Session Usage

Paid sessions are non-refundable and are to be utilized within 30 days of payment or will be subject to loss. Participant understands any session is subject to a virtual means in the unlikely event of extraneous circumstances that prevent client or trainer from E3 facility use. Such parameters do not exclude natural disasters, epidemic, pandemic or otherwise, with respect and consideration to acute medical conditions as they relate to the client or trainer. To ensure booking accuracy and accountability, we ask that each client elect to receive SMS or email notifications, by having an email AND phone number on file with our scheduling software setmore.com.

Bootcamps are conducted by predetermined instructors, with substitutes, changes, and fill-ins as needed to provide the customer with consistency. The terms herein remain and are non-circumvent in the unlikely event that the initial or preferred trainer is terminated, or ceases contracted services with E3 Strength. This situation applies to all training programs, including bootcamp participants, whether you train with one or multiple trainers.



* Unlimited Bootcamp participants are granted access to online booking, which must occur no later than 6hrs prior to the start of any sessions.  Consideration is given to communication by the participant with E3 via email or text regarding late additions and reschedules. Occurrences in violation of this stipulation are subject to a late booking charge equal to no less than $7 per occurrence. *

**Late Cancel Fees: Unlimited Bootcamp = $18



Changes to billing, such as preferred payment, and cancellations require a written 30-day notice. Upon written notice, the cancellation of customer account will delete all payments 30 days in advance of the cancellation date.  Exception is granted for $30 promotional last months ONLY canceled up to, but not beyond 29 days after the 1st attended session. E3 does not have the ability to suspend payments; clients wishing to place a bill on hold must cancel, in accordance with the terms above.  Any processed payments, including last month, are not subject to refund and must be utilized in association with any payments due within the 30-day period following your written cancellation.  Program or individual sessions are to be used within 30 days, unless coordinated 30 days prior to expiration for advance or post-term use. Any payments due within the 30-day term mentioned above will be processed on or within 3 days of written cancellation. Client initiated banking changes, such as card number changes, payment stops and disputes, void the terms herein and hereby forfeit any payments, sessions, or credits associated with said accounts.

Questions/comments regarding billing, session cancellation, or any of the above can be directed to us via phone, text or email. The best form of contact is info@e3strength.com.  All term updates will be presented in digital format. Fulfillment of online payment at http://e3strength.com/shop/ expresses consent not only to the disclosure of terms here in, but to all future changes to this document.