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Coach Earl

3 Time-a-week Single Dumbbell Workout

This series of 5 to 10 minute videos go through every exercise in three different workouts involving a single dumbbell. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to watch every single video. Be sure to just click the link in the workout document and you’ll be taken directly to the point in the video that you need to see for any instruction or assistance.

Interactive Ab Routine

In this 13 minute ab routine we go through every single rep of one round of every single exercise so that you know exactly how long it will take you if you were to do two sets, three sets, or four sets. Just like the work out above, you don’t have to watch the entire video, just click the exercise you have questions about to see the exact point in the video that will help you to understand the form and the function of each movement. Note: two rounds should take you roughly 20 minutes.

Cardio Double UP Workout

Though this is the simplest routine of all, it is not for the faint of heart. This five-minute video describes each exercise we will be super setting together to make an amazing high intensity 20 minute cardio workout that you can use as a standalone workout, or in supplement to your routine.


Coach Heather

Body Weight 3 Time-a-week Program

Click the link above to access this program. This program contains three different body weight workouts that you can do back to back or throughout your week to create an amazing routine at home.

3 Time-a-week Minimal Equipment Routine (Mini Band and Single Dumbbell)

Since some of our clients do have equipment at home, this routine involves a mini band and a single dumbbell, along with some cardio moves to create a very diverse three time a week program.

Body Weight 3 Time-a-week Program #2 

We know that routine one (above) is not enough and you’re looking for diversity, so Heather put together a second three time-a-week program to add diversity to your routine. Be careful, these creative moves are more challenging than you might think.

Body Weight 3 Time-a-week Program #3

She’s back at it again!  That’s one workout per week over the past 4 weeks.  Coach Heather is the best, ensuring that you have diversity and progression in your workouts from week to week.  Have fun with another creative program that challenges your muscular and cardiovascular endurance.


Interested in Live Bootcamp??

LIVE Workout Schedule

Click here to join our private bootcamp group, where we are streaming live bootcamps Monday through Saturday.  In addition, we are sending out workouts just like the ones above every week to supplement your routine.   We are about helping people and results, so we are giving you access FREE for two weeks.  For more info, reach out to us via


Don’t forget to check out the E3 Strength Facebook page, where we are giving out even more workouts and streaming our Lunch Break LIVESTREAM workouts at noon Monday-Friday!!!


At Home Video Series   Free workouts are the best.  Each (of 30 videos) video explains the workout PDF found in it’s description. All our our “Workout Wednesday” programs take about 30 minutes to complete and require little to no equipment. All we need is YOU!

Workout Tutorials  For the more free-spirited individual, use this playlist of more than 40 exercises and short routines to create your own program with the assistance of your very own personal trainer as Coach Earl breaks down each move.

Follow Along Routines   These short (>10min) routines are a great addition to the beginning or end of any workout to increase range of motion and and improve joint mobility.