Remote Bootcamp


Live streaming workouts every day (5 days/week) unlimited for one month.  Workouts you can do anywhere, requiring only a WiFi or cellular signal.  Your very on personal trainer on your phone, laptop, or tablet for about the same price as a traditional gym membership.

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Consistency is your key to success.  But what if you are not local, or a local, who is out of town?  Not to worry, we have developed the Remote Bootcamp.  This workout is available unlimited for the entire month, 5 days per week, and can be done anywhere in the world, with the only requirement being a decent WiFi or cellular signal.  The remote bootcamp is streaming live in our E3 Strength Bootcampers Facebook group and may be available on new platforms as the group continues to grow.  This is NOT an excuse for our local clients to skip in person workouts that are commencing as scheduled.  But, for those who are not able to make it in, we want you to have an option to get the same amazing results.  Unlimited access only costs about as much as a traditional gym membership, but you have access to your very own personal trainer.  Don’t let life sideline you.  Make the change today your future self can be proud of.