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Teresa R. 4/30/19

E3 Strength is an amazing gym! The entire staff is welcoming & helpful! Brandon is my personal trainer & is incredibly motivating & knowledgeable! He has kept me on track, with great care, after I broke my wrist in January! I’m constantly impressed with the amount of personalized planning Brandon implements into my sessions!

Chelsey 4/30/19

I joined E3 for their Mommy and Me class. Mandi is the best trainer! It’s great to be able to get an awesome workout in while not having to worry about childcare. If you’re a mommy and want a great work, come over to E3!

Josh M. 4/20/19

E3 has had such an enormous impact on my life. I spent many years gym hopping and wish I found them earlier than I did! Earl (the owner) knows everything about working out and body chemistry! Brianna (afternoon trainer) always keeps everyone in a great, laughing mood no matter the exercise! From the amazing personal trainers, to the other bootcampers, and even the funny catch phrases. E3 is a home away from home, and I wouldn’t give it up for the world! This is no ordinary gym, you become part of the E3 Family! #bootyseason #sixpackseason

Laine C. 1/30/19

I have been going to E3 for 3 months and I couldn’t be happier! After being diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in my hip in 2017 and going to Physical Therapy, I was feeling limited in my Fitness options, with stiffness and hip discomfort throughout the day. I was missing all my training classes. I started at E3 in November with Personal Training with Joe 2x weekly and have worked my way into Boot Camp 4x weekly! The stiffness is now minimal in my hip and I rarely feel that tight hip discomfort during the day anymore! Earl and Brandon have worked with my hip limitations in the boot camp classes, so I am able to work on strengthening my hip while focusing on strength gains as well. It’s GREAT to have that individualized attention in a FUN small group setting. I LOVE how we start each workout with stretching and a warm up to prevent injury. E3 is clean, neat and organized too! I am so excited to see how I can continue to improve and meet my goals.

Teresa B. 1/30/19

I’ve been working out for a long time & have had many different gyms & trainers. E3 is GREAT!! Brandon is my trainer & all the trainers seem motivating & really care!!

Albert B. 10/25/2018

My experience with E3 is wonderful. The staff is great, Earl and Brianna are the best, exceptional, sensational, passionate, motivating, inspirational, and have been a blessing to an old man trying to get back on track. I genuinely appreciate you reaching out to me, and the kind words you provided. Please have a wonderful rest of your week, and a great weekend!!!!

30 minutes is all you need to transform your body.

Below is the 4 month transformation of Nick. He worked out three times per week for 30 minutes with a trainer and followed our dietary advice. His amazing results are below.

With a baby on the way, soon-to-be dad, Nick, decided to start going to his local gym and working out on his own, but with his increased activity, Nick unknowingly increased his intake and soon began gaining weight.  Nick decided to seek out the assistance of Earl, a personal trainer at E3 Strength. With Earl’s coaching, both in the gym and in the kitchen, Nick lost 15lbs and 11.8% body fat.

Strength training makes you lean

This graph indicates that even though body fat decreased, muscle mass increased and was maintained.  It is due to the increased muscle mass speeding up the metabolism, that directly correlates to the decrease in fat mass.  A 23.42lb loss in pure fat, to be exact!

 Both weight and Body fat are steadily decreasing

This steady loss lead us to increase the macronutrients, after our last check-in, for fats and proteins to ensure Nick maintains his desired weight of 160lbs.


C. Rose

Coach Chantelle puts together creative and effective workouts for our bootcamp participants. In this particular workout she choreographs a plank to the Cupid Shuffle. Here is the response from C. Rose:

To think that last year I had ZERO motivation to go to to the gym. I tried to make myself go by telling myself that I had all these weddings over the summer (7…we had 7) and I wanted to look good. To say that didn’t get me far is an understatement. Now as my own wedding is a year away…I am shocked and so blessed to have started at E3 Strength 9 months ago! Not just for the amazing, fun, sweaty workouts – but the community and support that’s come with it has been life changing! PS. I think I’ve found us a wedding dance 💃 🏋️‍♀️

Mrs. S

Below you will find the 75lb transformation of one of my best clients.


One of our clients showin us the difference in her body composition after switching from distance running to weight training.

One of our clients showing us the difference in her body composition after switching from distance running to weight training.  She is at the same weight in both pictures.  Lifting = “Toning”!

Kim S

Age: 35

Height: 5’4”

Weight when I met Earl: 148

My weight now: 130

Kim wrote the following about her experience training with us; her current program is below:

What does it really take to lose those pregnancy pounds?  Diet, exercise and E3!  I have been an athlete all of my life.  Before having kids I ran multiple half marathons, completed the arduous Mount Washington road race and completed two marathons.   I thought I knew how to work out but after having my second son, my trips to the gym were not cutting it and was struggling to lose the baby weight until I met E3.  I had a C-section delivery so I had to ease back into using my stomach muscles.  E3 is extremely knowledgeable and helped guide me through listening to my body and strengthening my abs again.  E3 showed me how to eat right and how to work out properly.  I learned how to do plyometrics and lift weights with proper form.  E3 also helped me to calculate my heart rate so that I burned fat during my cardio sessions and not muscle.  I started shedding the pounds immediately.  If you do exactly what E3 tells you, YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT!  I love their workout style—they mean business and I was never bored.  You are always challenged and I left their sessions feeling rejuvenated.  Thank you E3!

Below is the program Kim is now following:

Kim High Intensity


Individuals with debilitating neurodegenerative disorders typically do not weight train. These individuals generally lose strength and coordination, leading to a loss of independence.

Not Mr. T! This gentleman came to me a few years back, diagnosed with Kennedy’s Disease, a form of muscular dystrophy with the characteristics listed above. Mr. T was an athlete upon his diagnosis and would not let anything stop that. Through positivity and goal setting, we never looked at what he couldn’t do, but took pride in what he could and made it our priority to look to the next accolade (weight, rep, set, workout). This vision allowed us to overcome all odds and make the progress that his doctors and peers found hard to believe.

Mr. T focused on machines and would train vigorously despite an inability to coordinate his muscles due to the degeneration of motor neurons. In terms of a trainer, Mr. T could have done well with a spotter, but to his benefit and mine, our paths crossed. We began slow, with basic lifts and minimal weight. We planned weeks ahead based on the day’s performance, always preparing to do just a little bit better with every workout. Together we cultivated positivity and vision. Without my push Mr. T completed three marathons on his hand cycle during our tenure. Once his endurance training was completed, his progress in the gym increased significantly. Over a 10 month span, Mr. T increased his incline dumbbell bench press from 15lbs to 35lbs (per dumbbell!!). He now is able to overhead press 10lb dumbbells with no assistance (most Kennedy’s patients cant’s lift their hands above their head!).  He is truly incredible.

The progress I have seen in Mr. T is unlike that of most clients. He has done what most doctors have said was impossible. The credit belongs not to he or I, but to the attitude we were able to create. Never look back. Take pride in where, what, and who you are. Set the bar daily. When the next day comes you will always clear that hurtle.

Experts say, there is no therapy for this disease.  To that and all of life’s other problems:  bring them to the gym; bring them to E3!

For More info on Kennedy’s Disease:

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